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Cycling through the stately city of The Hague 

Feeling at home in a city has to do with whether you can do everything you can do at home. Cycling is really fast, you see more in a short time and you can get to places you normally could not walk to. Of course cycling is a fantastic experience in this beautiful and stately city.
Cycling through the dunes, across squares, to the Lange Voorhout, quickly to the sunset on the beach, or enjoying an ice cream at the Binnenhof; and of course, cycling to Beatrix's palace which lies hidden in Hague forest.
It's all within cycling range; just be sure to reserve in advance, to avoid disappointment.

Haagsche Stadsfiets  
Bierkade  18B  

Den Haag HS
Rijwielshop Hollands Spoor
Stationsplein 29

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday: 4.55 - 2.05
Friday: 4.55 - 2.15
Saturday: 5.40 - 2.15
Sunday:   5.45 - 2.20
Travel directions
Leave the station on the center side. You will find the Rijwielshop under the awning.

Den Haag Centraal
Fietsenstalling Den Haag Centraal
Julianaplein 10
2595 AA Den Haag

Opening hours
Monday - Thursday: 4.55 - 1.30
Friday:      4.55 - 2.15
Saturday:  5.00 - 2.15
Sunday:    5.50 - 1.30
Travel directions
The public transport bicycles are located in the guarded bicycle shed in the basement of the station.