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General conditions
  • Maximum 2 people
  • No pets
  • Non smoking apartment
Reservation and confirmation:

The rental agreement can be entered into (based on availability) by e-mail or via the reservation form on the website or via other booking channels.

  • After receiving your reservation request and approval, MAFF Apartments will send a confirmation by e-mail with a payment request.
  • At that moment the reservation is “in option” and the days you have chosen will be kept free for you.
  • If the payment is received by MAFF Apartments within the specified period, the reservation is final. You will receive a notification by e-mail.
  • If payment is not received within the set term, the option and the reservation request will lapse.
  • Our prices do not include tourist tax and are calculated per person per night.
  • If you stay longer than 7 days, a change of bed linen, towels and weekly cleaning is included.

You pay the entire amount within 4 days of the invoice date. For stays longer than 1 month in consultation.
Your reservation is final upon receipt of your payment.
Payment is possible by bank transfer (bank details to be followed after booking).

Energy costs
Weekly cleaning
Bed linen, towels and weekly change

Tourist tax per person per night.
Exclusive 6% VAT

Arrival and departure:
  • On the day of arrival you are welcome in your stay between 2 and 10 pm. Arriving later is possible, but this is in consultation.
  • On the day of departure we would like to say goodbye again before 11 am.
  • We will ask you to show your passport or identity card for identification purposes. We will make a copy of this, which will be destroyed no later than 7 working days after your departure.
  • No refund will be made for early departure.
  • Parking space must be reserved in advance, payment can be settled in cash upon arrival. Price parking per day 20,-. Your stay
  • Use of MAFF apartments by persons other than the tenants is not permitted.
  • It is not allowed to use the apartments as a party location or other form of meeting.
  • Using the apartment for prostitution or exploiting it as a sex establishment is strictly prohibited, visit by local police and deportation will take place immediately without any refund.
  • The manager can deny and / or refuse guests access to MAFF Apartments in case of violation of these General Terms and Conditions and in case of inappropriate behavior, without further notification and stating reasons and without refund of accommodation costs.
  • Any damage to or removal of goods will be reclaimed by the tenant.
  • Parking in the garage is at the risk of the car owner / renter.
  • The manager is not liable for damage, loss or theft of property of the users. In case of disputes, all (legal) costs are for the account of the users.
  • MAFF Apartment has a shoe free policy, we will provide you with MAFF slippers.
  • All risks related to a stay in MAFF Apartments are for the account of the users.
  • Damage and loss of movable and immovable property of the owner must be reported by the users during the stay and reimbursed to the owner. Cancellation Policy With only 2 apartments, the impact is high, in the event that a confirmed reservation is canceled and our customers fail to inform us.
Cancellation policy
  • We understand that there may always be unforeseen circumstances that prevent you from attending. If that is the case, we kindly ask you to report this to us as soon as possible.
  • In case of timely cancellation up to 30 days before the commencement date, a full refund will be made. After that, there will be no refund. We therefore advise you to consider taking out cancellation insurance, if you do not already have one.

These conditions also apply in the event of severe weather, illness, (global) pandemic, storm, flood, disaster, death, changes in travel plans, travel delays, family circumstances, cancellations of aircraft or any kind of transport, etc.

N.B. You can only cancel by email or telephone. The cancellation is only valid when MAFF-apartments has confirmed the cancellation by email. This way, everyone can be sure that your mail has arrived or your telephone call has been processed.